Some Thoughts After Used JMeter

These days I have do some benchmark test for Java and Node.js by using JMeter, some problem made me spend much time try to resolve.

The most important one is have not a way to run some one-time pre-task before thread group start.

When request api need a token, I don’t want to request the token every time, so I want the create token request execute only one time before the thread group. But after go through the document and try, I can not found a way make it work. First I think the Once Only Controller will work, but it atcually run once under each thread, not a threadgroup. It means if there are many loop, it will run once, but if you have many threads, it will run many times. – what’s the target of this controller, I really can’t get it. If I understand correclty, to do load test, we mostly will use threads, not loop,(see here). So I have to think in other way. I tried If Controller, I try use a variable to check if need run the login task. after run the task, set the variable to true. but I found the variable is local to every thread, can not be shared among threads. So I have to try property. Now the problem is that the expression of if controller alway return false, It really drive me nut, I can not figure out what’s wrong. I give up by let the login run every time.

Another problem is the lack of good example of how to do test by jemeter on the internet

The document of the Jemeter is good, but when I faced problem, I can not get much useful information from searching on the internet. I did think that JMeter should be popular, and many people will use it, but now I don’t think so.

Anyway, I will continue developing my benchmark test project across many language and framwork and hope people interested get involved in to enhance and test it.


the jmeter plan xml

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