why I still use jekyll instead of hexo

I have build my blog with jekyll, but monthes ago, I heard that hexo is more powerful, and powered by nodejs.

So I tried to integrate my blog to hexo. I found a theme http://louisbarranqueiro.github.io/hexo-theme-tranquilpeak/ which have the most feature I want and I like its appearance. Everything went well until I need integrate a subfolder into. Spend some times and found it did not work. and I also realized that I need build the blog every time before I update so I can not just edit a page online like jekyll.

For these two reason, I must admit, jekyll is more suiltable for me.


  • Need build and deploy everytime you update, you can not edit directly in github page and make it show.
  • It is hard to include a subfolder with customization.

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