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Indie 2D Mobile Game: Aero Egg

Volitant Egg

My Third Indie Game:

  • Based on Unity2D
  • Available In App Store
  • android - english
  • 安卓 - 中文
  • Indie 2D Mobile Game: Mouse Bee and Elephant

    Karaok Kong

    My Second Indie Game:

  • Based on Unity2D
  • Available In App Store
  • Available In Goole Play
  • Indie 2D Mobile Game: Karaok Kong

    Karaok Kong

    My First Indie Game:

  • Based on Unity2D
  • Available In App Store
  • Available In Goole Play
  • MobileChat: Talk with AI via call and sms

    try webphone

    In MobileChat, You can:

  • Talk via call from the web
  • Talk via a normal phone
  • Talk via sms
  • See history in realtime
  • Webphone: Phone on the web

    try webphone

    With Webphone, You can:

  • Call from the web
  • Receive call from the real phone
  • Send SMS message from the web
  • Receive SMS message from real phone
  • Chat with gtalk, jabber etc. account
  • link up: html5 canvas game

    play the game

    Link Up! A 2D web game with html5 canvas. Have a try!

    Grow Ivy via SVG/VXML Animation

    have a try

    A growing ivy anomation without FLASH, Cross Browser!

    suggestion editor: write article with suggestion

    have a try

    You can write article with word suggestion, This show you how easy to write a "fashion" article. Try to type some words!

    Webchart: Web Chart Solution With No Flash

    try webphone

    Cross browser, Non-flash, Pure web-based chart

    Timeline: Infinite data and date


    Infinite Timeline, drag to scroll



    Gplot drawn the relation of data, dragable

    chat: talk to my "servant"

    play the game

    My servant? Who is that? Just talk to ...

    Bell Curve


    Normal Distribution Curve also know as Bell Curve, this demo let you to use the three control line in the chart to select Median and selected area.

    zkjs: Javascript Library

    go to zkjs opensource

    Zkjs is a opensource project that contains serveral Javascript components:

    • Dropdownlist(or say select, or say combobox), with the feature of searchable, editable, it is powerful.
    • Calendar also use the dropdownlist to select its year and month,it can choose hour and time if you set the datepatther with hours and minutes.
    • Infinite series popupmenu.
    • Powerful and easy-use tree, support radio node and checkbox node. you can extend them also. it has a better performance than most of the other opensource tree.

    These components is for the good of ajax, they are event-driven, all this work fine in firefox, chrome, safari and IE.

    View the demo online.

    sopo: java web framework

    go to sopo opensource

    A simple web framework for java, with flexible and dynamic feature, it is somewhat like, the core idea is simple and pure, you can handle it go-as-you-please!

    • You can composite component with your custom components.
    • You can develop custom component with plain html template.
    • You can use component like a html tag.
    • Less code with more resuing.
    • Less Configuration, far light than jsf.
    • Drain advantages from and tapestry.

    jniunrar: java unrar library

    go to jniunrar opensource

    Supply a jni library of the unrar in the windows-32 platform. You can unpackage rar format file with pure java api. But this only support windows PC.

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