React Context API和Redux

16.3开始,React终于有了官方版Context API,这个API貌似很简单,但是影响却很大,网上有评论说Redux已Game Over,Redux作者也不得不承认React需要Redux的程度减少了许多,不过Redux的有些使用者认为,Redux已经成为一个生态系统,可用于其他很多场景。(这个看过的帖子一时找不到)

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upstart init.d systemd - a simple instruction


  • systemd is now supported by most linux system, and is the recommended way contrast to old upstart and init
  • the systemd config file is under /lib/systemd/system
  • env vars only able to be set in ExecStart or ExecStartPre, best way is to set in the script
  • WorkingDirectory can not use double quote, seems to be a bug?
  • if you app run like java -jar, should use Type=simple instead of Type=forking, otherwise it will case a timeout

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