DBeaver a primary introduce

I used pgAdmin to connect to postgres, I think it is good, but when I use it to connect to a heroku database, I was shocked that it do list all the database(about 200) in the heroku server instance even I have choose the dafault database to connect. Imagine you have to scroll over the whole list to find a database name - and it do not support search! I then thought how stupid this tool is.

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  • Grid布局适合复杂的布局,例如可以用来设计整个页面的布局,可用来设计不合常规的创意布局。
  • Flex布局适合于对齐内容。
  • Grid布局适用于2d布局–行和列。
  • Flex适合同一个方向的布局。 能用Flex的简单处,没必要使用Grid。全部使用Flex也达不到好的效果,混合使用才是顺其自然的方式。

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