Why you should use schema when using mongodb


I have doing many project with mongodb for the past many years, I built one product which adopt meteorjs from scratch.

Then get involved in development of many large code-base mongodb related project, most are meteorjs.

But the only one which have apply schema with mongodb is the product I built from scratch! for others, never…

I still remember the feel of the shock when I first look into the code of a online product many years ago - there are no schema, fields are added here and there all in the code, like grain of sand on the beach…

As at that time I already had the habit that I know I can found the most important truth from the schema - from the project I have did, I feel helpless suddenly to try to understand the code.

That’s the first time, then many times, I get used to it now, Ctrl + F is the good tool, LOL.


But definetly it is a good practice to have schema, why?

  • It will be the best source of truth to know what the data be, what the business be
  • It forces developer to think a little more seconds even minutes before they want to add one or many fields or implement a new feature
  • It provides validation before write to the database


  • simpl-schema is what I was using, it pretty good.
  • typeorm supports mongodb, as my experience, it is workable.
  • Now prisma is on developing to support mongodb. with graphql, it is a more robust ecosystem.

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