Use Verdaccio to Publish npm package to a local repository

When you want share a javascript package written by yourself among your different projects, you may not want to publish the package to the public npm repository or its paid private repository.

So you can use verdaccio to build a local repository.


npm install -g verdaccio, you may need add sudo if there are no permission.


run verdaccio in the bash.

It will show the url of the verdaccio server, and the default config. These two infomation is required at later.

 warn --- config file  - ~/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml
 warn --- Plugin successfully loaded: verdaccio-htpasswd
 warn --- Plugin successfully loaded: verdaccio-audit
 warn --- http address - http://localhost:4873/ - verdaccio/4.0.4

As we see, the default server url is http://localhost:4873/, the default config path is ~/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml

Steps to Enable Anonymous Pusblish

Edit the config.yaml

    access: $anonymous
    publish: $anonymous
    proxy: npmjs

Restart the verdaccio server.

Resolve the problem of anonymous access still need token

According to this issue, we still need a fake token.

Create a .npmrc file under the project you are going to publish.


As you know, the localhost:4873 is verdaccio server url.

Publish Package to Local

npm --registry http://localhost:4873 publish

Note the --registry option set the target server to publish - here is the local verdaccio server.

Download the Package from the Local Repository

npm install --registry http://localhost:4873

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