Nodejs Asynchronous IO and Single Thread

Nodejs is popular in recent years, people say it have good performance of high concurrency. Also people say its single thread event loop will make it have problem when a operation block the event loop thread.

I was confused sometimes, if I want to choose java,php,nodjs to implement a service, what should I concern if I prefer nodejs?

After read this How the single threaded non blocking IO model works in Node.js terrific disccussion, I understand:

  • Nodejs use libuv implement NIO
  • normally we can say the event loop is single thread, the callback is execute in a aysnchronous way, which is powered by the nio(libub) - not multithread.
  • sql connection is been abstracted as a nio style, but it is not multithread too. sql query is queued.
  • The most important is that, nodejs is good at io operation(network io,filesystem io) - not good at CPU-intensive operation.

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