Which admin framework should you choose?

Well, let me come straight to the point - I prefer Ant Design Pro., I will explain.

The Admins

There are many excellent admin framework, including

react-admin 13k stars

This is a well-designed framework, it allow you provide a datasource and it is very easy to setup a Create/Update/Delete/List UI for an entity.

There are two problem I encountered:

1: The UI is bind to Material UI v1, and can not upgrade.

2: When you encounter problem, it is hard to find resource to resolve. That means, it is not widely adopted?

coreui-free-react-admin-template 2.7k stars

I have not used it but of course need consider its support.

admin-bro 1.5k stars

I have not used it but of course need consider its support.

pup 557 stars

This is based on MeteorJs and integrated GraphQL, I love Meteor, if your tech-stack is Meteor, this is a good choice, as it have done most for you.

But Ant design pro can do the same thing as a frontend framework + Meteor as backend.

ant-design-pro 25.4k stars

ant-design-pro is based on ant-design and umi, endorsed by Alibaba. ant-design-pro was commercial but then open source and totally free under the license MIT.

It provide admin layout, authorize, routes , i18n, code-splitting, mock, proxy, theme, typescript out-of-the-box.

It support VUE

Some issues

But I also want to mention the issue you may concern:

It use dva which based on redux-saga. It is not bad, but if you want to use async/await in the side effect, that’s will be a problem, you need be careful and you’d better use generator to follow the rule.

It does not work well with nextjs, but I think we need not.

It does not support angular yet.


I prefer ant-design-pro as it is the only opensource admin I can found so far that endoresed by a top company. It is very popular in China and have well-support to english-speaking developer community. This is benifit by the Middle Platform strategy driven by Alibaba regardless how it really be :).

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