Destructuring assignment and $.extend without jquery

We are familiar with the jquery function, $.extrend. Now with Destructuring assignment, we can do it like this:

const foo = { fizzBuzz: true };

//later override previous one
const bar1 = { fizzBuzz:false,};
const bar2 = {,fizzBuzz:false};

console.log(bar1.fizzBuzz); // "true"
console.log(bar2.fizzBuzz); // "false"

This feature is not a standard of ES6 yet(Initial definition), you can see the browser support at the same page.

Here is another example:

//Destructuring assignment
let a = 1;
let b = {a}; //{a} is not a valid json, but here it actually do a Destructuring assignment
console.log({a});// destructuring directly

so, as we are familiar with code like:

function xxx(){


module.exports = {xxx};

Actually it is a Destructuring assignment.

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