Why my develop to staging pr have conflicts again and again

I have a personal project on Github, it have master, staging, develop branches. Everytime, I create new branch based on develop, implements features or bug fix, commits frequently as I want.

When create PR to develop, I squash the PR to make the commits clean, works good. (Have a cup of coffee).

After testing, it is time to cut to staging, ok, create a PR from develop to staging, but, there are conflicts! It happen again…

What’s wrong, I remember it always have this problem, sometimes I even tried delete staging and recreate based on develop from scratch, but after a while, it happen again, PR from develop to staging have conflicts.

Finally I found the cause, it is simple but you are easy to overlook, each time I create PR from develop to staging, I use squash, this makes the staging actually different than develop, so next time it will have conflicts when create PR from develop.


You can use squash when create PR to a branch B your current branch A is based on(branch B). But you should not squash when you create PR to branch C from branch B as branch B is not based on branch C.

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