it-e-65 Convert a Graphics Format

Why change vectors to bitmaps?
Most of the clip art gallery is vector-based and will need to be converted into bitmap formats
(GIF) prior to putting it on the Web.
Why change bitmaps to vectors?
You will need to change vectors to bitmaps to perform tasks from the Drawing toolbar on a
bitmap picture (such as animate parts of a bitmap picture) you will need to convert it into a vector
format. You can then e.g. ungroup it and apply animations to only parts of it.
Which graphic converter to use?
To change your graphics format, you need to use a graphics converter. A popular graphics
editor you can use for this is Paint Shop Pro. Another graphics editor you can use is Adobe
PhotoShop, which is said to be the best one for this kind of conversion.
How to use your graphic converter?
Open your file in the graphics editor chosen: Select File | Open.
Select File | Save As.
Rename your file and choose a new format. For a bitmap to vectors conversion select the
WMF format. For the opposite conversion, select the GIF format if you have PowerPoint 97,
otherwise select JPEG or TIFF.
Unfortunately, some of the quality may be lost in the switch. MS office also provides
graphics converters.

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