it-e-52 Information Security System

The information security system is an integral part of the national security system. The main
functions of the information security system are:
assessing the state of information security in the country, identifying and forecasting
internal and external threats to information security, drafting an information security
developing a comprehensive system of legal, administrative, economic, technical and

other measures and methods aimed at ensuring information security;
coordinating and monitoring the work of information security entities;
protecting information security entities against incomplete, inaccurate and distorted
information and against exposure to information damaging to their life and health;
protecting protected information;
counteracting technical intelligence services;
developing and perfecting an information infrastructure, an information technology
industry, systems, means and services;
organizing scientific research, developing and implementation of scientific,
scientific-technical programmes in the field of information security;
licensing the activities of corporations and individual entrepreneurs in the field of
information security;
certifying information systems and means, assessing and rating the compliance of
information facilities with information protection requirements;
state inspection in the field of information security;
creating conditions for preserving and developing intellectual potential in the
information sphere;
preventing, identifying and suppressing offences which are aimed at hurting the rights
and freedoms of corporations and individuals in the information sphere, prosecuting and
trying in court perpetrators of crimes in the information sphere;
carrying out international cooperation in the sphere of information security.

1, integral  ['intigrəl]
a. 构成整体所必需的,完整的
n. [数学] 积分, 完整, 部分

2, assess  [ə'ses]
vt. 评定;估价;对…征税
3, doctrine  ['dɔktrin]
n. 教义,主义,学说
4, distorted  [dis'tɔ: tid]
a. 扭歪的, 受到曲解的
5, counteract  [,kauntə'rækt]
vt. 抵消;中和;阻碍
6, sphere  [sfiə]
a. 球体的
n. 范围,领域,球,球体
7, perpetrator  [,pə:pi'treitə]
n. 犯罪者;作恶者;行凶者

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