it-e-31 Steganography and Honeytokens

Steganography is a method of embedding electronic messages into a media file (for example, an image or audio file) by altering nonessential lines of code; the changes are imperceptible. The message remains undetected until unencrypted. Honeytokens is any kind of tantalizing false data, including phony patient records at a hospital, lists of invalid social security numbersor even simply a word processing file named "HR-salaries," that's stored in a restricted part of the network. If anyone tries to access the files the security team is alerted to the trespassing before the intruder can do any real damage.

1, imperceptible  [,impə'septəbl]
a. 不能感知的,不知不觉的,微细的

2, steganography  [,stegə'nɔgrəfi]
n. 速记式加密
3, tantalizing  ['tæntəlaiziŋ]
a. 诱人的
4, phony  ['fəuni]
a. 假的,伪造的
5, trespassing 
n. 擅自进入
v. 侵入;犯罪(trespass的ing形式)
6, intruder  [in'tru:də]
n. 侵入者,干扰者,妨碍者

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