it-e-05 Air floating displays

Todays display technologies form a field of huge interest as they are evolving with big steps while expanding the range of their applications following the demands of the market. Two new display technologies, which are still in development, impress us mostly for their concept and not so much for their display quality or their potential applications.
Fog Screen company suggests a screen created by a thick layer of fog, formed in between of two air surfaces of smooth flow. The FogScreen works very much like an ordinary screen in terms of projection properties. It can be used for both back and front projection. This kind of screens allow the projection of very impressive images, while the viewer can walk through the screen, walk directly into the images, and through them! The fog used is dry, so it doesn't make you wet even if you stay under the Fog Screen device for a long time. The fog is made of ordinary water with no chemicals whatsoever. The screen is supported by projectors with brightness of at least 3,000 ANSI Lumens and for the best result, a dark background is highly recommended.
The world premiere demonstration of FogScreen was at the Science Fair in Turku, Finland in October 2002, and its researchers are awarded for their discovery. Its first installations have already been made in museums in France and Finland and it has recently been produced to the U.S.A in the form of interactive screen.

A relevant technology is being developed by the "IO2 Technologies" company. Known by the name "Heliodisplay", this technology uses a device that displays on a bed of air above it. Nothing is added to the air so there is not any harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device, and nothing needs to be refilled. The device produces interactive images, which means it can be used as a "floating touch screen". In the course of developing the technology, Heliodisplays have been built that display images ranging from 5" to 42" and it is estimated that it can reach 150". Like the FogScreen, Heliodisplay is best viewed in dark backgrounds. Although Heliodisplay is plug-and-play compatible with most video sources (TV, DVD, computer, videogame, etc.) and anything can be projected on the FogScreen, both screen technologies are not meant to substitute computer or television screens. Their basic application fields include projections in board meetings and presentations, trade shows, museum, theme parks etc.

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